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Tips to Trade-in or Recycle Consumer Electronics

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If your old personal computer, phone, or gaming hardware is just gathering dust, don’t throw it away! El Paso Disposal reminds its residential customers that electronics don’t belong in the curbside trash and might even be worth some money.

Check for Trade-In Value

While not all consumer electronics have trade-in value, El Paso Disposal suggests customers check trade-in value on the Best Buy website and they might find their electronics still hold some retail value. The website will determine Best Buy’s trade-in value for iPhones and iPads, gaming hardware and games, laptops, smartwatches and many other consumer electronics.

Recycle Electronics

If your device doesn’t have trade-in value, don’t throw it away! Best Buy makes recycling easy and will take many kinds of used electronics for proper disposal and recycling. As a matter of fact, Best Buy is on target to recycle 2 billion pounds of electronics by the end of 2020 and offers several options for safe and convenient electronics recycling.

One convenient option is a recycling kiosk inside the front door of every Best Buy store. Rechargeable batteries, wires, cords, cables and plastic bags can be dropped off at any kiosk effortlessly. Other items can be left at the customer service counter or you may qualify for home pickup. Check their website for more details and call the store nearest to you for their local policies.

In the El Paso area, there are three Best Buy stores to help with trade-in or recycling needs.

Best Buy El Paso (Store 237)
8889 Gateway Blvd W – Ste 100
El Paso, TX 79925
(915) 594-6399

Best Buy East El Paso (Store 1470)
1834 Joe Battle Blvd
El Paso, TX 79936
(915) 849-8481

Best Buy West El Paso (Store 829)
815 Sunland Park Dr
El Paso, TX 79912
(915) 584-5304

El Paso Disposal encourages customers to properly dispose of electronics to keep toxic chemicals like lead, mercury and brominated flame retardants out of the landfill and taking advantage of electronics’ recycling programs is an easy way to meet that goal.

El Paso Disposal is proud to provide residential, commercial, and roll-off trash removal service throughout the Greater El Paso region – from El Paso County in Texas to Doña Ana County in New Mexico. Please note the City of El Paso Collections Division provides residential service within the city limits.

Through hard work and commitment to values, El Paso Disposal seeks to cultivate an environment where a positive attitude and confidence in our collective abilities builds a solid foundation to deliver dependable quality services to our customers.

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Download El Paso Disposal App.
Download El Paso Disposal App.

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